Biblical Literacy Ministries


Welcome, Let’s “Plumb the Depths” Together!

     As we are surely convinced that the Bible is 100% inspired by God, we also know for certain that it was 100% penned by men who lived in diverse cultures, the customs of which we have only samplings and the languages and literary forms of which we many not totally comprehend.  Lest we believe the Holy Spirit somehow entranced each writer and dictated the manuscripts, we must necessarily conclude that while the principles of Holy Scripture reflect in each God’s purpose for its writing, the context of the scripture is the result of the human perspective according to the circumstances of the writer.

     Each book is much like a time capsule.  Upon opening, it provides an historic artifact that is the very wisdom and mind of God, set in the times and places of man, but having no instruction for its use.  It is our responsibility as Christians using these and all other historical writings, as best we are able, to create a time machine and return to the Ancient Near Eastern civilizations of biblical times, learn of their culture, events and languages, and apply that knowledge to interpret the meaning of each capsule.  We must “Plum the Depths” not necessary for a deeper, hidden, spiritual enlightenment, but to discover what is the true meaning and message from the Holy Spirit and to understand the scriptures within their historical context.

Biblical Literacy Ministries is evangelical and non-denominational, and is simply dedicated to the advancement of “Biblical Theology” for today’s church through the use of inductive Bible study and the application of historical, grammatical and literary hermeneutics.  We offer basic information for the beginner as well as advanced theological discussion for the pastor or serious student, and we pray that this site may be a blessing to you, that your faith may be increased through effective Bible study, and that God’s Word will be magnified greatly in your heart.