Biblical Literacy Ministries

Course Offerings

For those churches who are close enough to open their doors for longer periods of time Biblical Literacy Ministries is ready to teach a number of college level courses. If you don’t see a course here that you might be interested in sponsoring, don’t hessitate to make a suggestion. We can create a course to meet certain specifications. If you invite us we will come.

1. Introduction to the Old Testament: The Authorship, Structure, and Essential Content of Old Testament Literature.
2. Introduction to the New Testament: The Structure, Genre, and Essential Content of New Testament Literature.
3. From There to Here: A Survey of Christian History.
4. The Man Behind the Curtain: A Conceptual Background to Biblical Theology.
5. Discovering the Jesus of Mark: An Introduction to Inductive Bible Study.
6. Interpreting Scripture: An Introduction to biblical Hermeneutics.
7. Learning Old Testament Hebrew:
8. Learning Biblical Greek:
9. Understanding the Book and History of Isaiah the Prophet.
10. New Testament Theology:
11. Genesis as Theology: Authorial Intentions in the First Book of the Bible.
12. The Noisy Silent Years: Understanding the Inter-testamental Period.